5 Best Social Media Strategies For A Coach Or A Speaker

Knowing some of the best social media strategies can be an achievement for one but being active on social media is considered to be one of the top-most achievements for youngsters nowadays. However, using social media in the right way will not only enhance your account but also promote your business venture or profile among millions of social media users. 

Due to lack of failure, many coaches or trainers fear to engage themselves more in social media. You can join various social media platforms but end up with uninspiring results. Because of not knowing where to start or how to use social media strategy for gaining more audience insights in your account. Many social media gurus have millions of followers in their accounts along with a successful and growing coaching business.

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They were not aware of all the tactics being used in developing a social media engagement instead they tried it using it in their personal lives. Just like body and health transformation, don’t expect a transformation over one night. It takes consistency and full commitment to develop active social media. Little by little your followers will increase when you will devote your dedication towards it by fitting it into your lifestyle and personality. By following the right social media strategies a coach can flourish its business over social sites in a short period. 

  • Best Social media strategies for a coach or a trainer
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1. Focusing on one social media channel at one time-

Well, best social media strategies don’t involve all social media platforms it is often seen that the coaches develop their social media appearance in almost all social media platforms and don’t pay proper attention to at least one of them. Following this trick will divert your audience from one site to another and result in unsatisfactory results.

Therefore, new coaches or trainers who are starting from scratch to build their social media should firstly focus on one platform and increase their reach by slowly growing the particular account.

After gaining a satisfactory amount of good results from one account they should jump to the next platform so that in this way their followers will willingly follow them on the different platforms by seeing their dedication in the earlier account.

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 2.Distinguishing yourself from others-

There are thousands of social media coaches and trainers who are running their thriving business through social media with the same knowledge and skills. You don’t have to follow the same trend and culture for flourishing in your site. Just focus on your own unique things that describe you differently from others.

Rather than following the same techniques, you should attract your audience and clients by showcasing your inner potential and talent over your account. Your unique abilities are the intersection of what you do and what you can do. Successful coaches know about their passion.

They know who their ideal clients and audience are and focus on their needs and demands. This is how you can cut many voices and make your voice heard among the crowd. 

3. Being patient about gaining followers-

It doesn’t matter if you have a following of millions or hundreds over your account initially. Things need time to grow slowly. You just need to be more patient and focus on delivering content and posts which are relevant to your audience’s interests. In this way, you will start gaining more clients over time by being consistent and dedicated to your work. The quality of your audience matters over the quantity as followers who are not interested in your content will show less engagement over your post which will decrease your post insights. 

Collaborate with other successful social media coaches to drive attention towards your profile. Convincing them can be hard but you have a long term plan ahead you need to overcome these obstacles.

4. Best social media strategies – Serve your audience and clients with real-life experiences-

Another point that comes under best social media strategies is to share your personal experiences because a larger audience is likely to develop an interest in your account when they will see your real-life experience which is relevant to their experiences. For example, if you are working as a health and fitness trainer you need to show your transformation period and your personal experience from any coaching program.

In this way, they will engage more and start posting about their own experiences and will look forward to more such content which is related to their personal life in your profile. The audience will also share your profile with their friends, mates, family members.

Try to serve your clients with the best quality content and service and it will eventually lead to growth in your business.

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5. Devoting specific time on social media-

You should schedule your time for social media. As a coach, you definitely have some real-life commitments before social media to be fulfilled. Bifurcate your time and work accordingly. Whenever you log in to your profile make sure you post something on it without wasting time on it idly.

This doesn’t mean to lose your social media fun but keep it under some limits so that you can devote equally more time in your real life. Take advantage of the technology but not let technology take advantage of you.

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Scheduling your posts and contents earlier can reduce your stress of daily posting and you don’t need to log in regularly on a daily basis. Set up notification alerts for your important clients and followers so whenever they post something or contact you, you can get an alarm for it.

6. Treating social media as a part of your job-

Treating social media as your whole job will create difficulties for you. Remember your title is ‘coach’. Being a coach gives you more responsibilities of taking care of your client instead of just focusing on your social media growth. Assisting your clients in achieving great results will lower down your burden of work and you can post more efficiently on your social media sites.

Focus on helping more people instead of stressing about missing one day on Facebook or Instagram. It is totally okay to get a few days off from social media to process yourself completely to work again on it.


Developing the right and best social media strategies will not only increase your profile but will also help you in the growth of your business ahead. Find social groups and connect with them for more information regarding the recent trends. Acknowledging the queries of your followers and clients over your account will show your gratuity towards them. It will not only encourage them in following your tactics but will also help them in liking your profile more.

Providing support, listening to their problems, and helping them solve virtually will lure others attention towards you. Maintaining socially kind and genuine behavior over social sites helps in improving your image and personality. Build a remarkable and memorable brand so that people won’t forget you.

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