7 Best Mobile Ad Platforms For Paid Marketing

In today’s scenario, the need for some best mobile ad platforms has become a necessity because online advertising has taken over the world and created a new revolutionary era for the paid marketing phase to develop its base. Paid marketing is also known as social media advertising or paid advertising has huge potential benefits. It creates a huge reach for the expansion of small businesses and generates new leads and customers for the business. However, choosing the best mobile ad platforms for paid marketing can be tough for one but the truth is completely opposite to it.

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Online advertising is booming today and marketer spends thousands of dollars on getting revenue for their products, therefore the need of finding some best mobile ad platforms is also growing at an unexpected rate. This creates an era where startups can explode their business instantly on social media to promote their venture and products to the targeted audience. However, your expansion of business depends on the marketing strategies and tactics you use for your business. Therefore using the right and suitable digital marketing strategies and best digital platforms for using these strategies is very necessary.

It also depends on the type of business you are running as if you are a service provider you have to generate leads and then go for conversion similarly if you are a manufacturer or producer then you can sell directly your products to the audience. Most e-commerce businesses are profitable as they create their brand value through digital promotion. 

Therefore, let us have a look at the best mobile ad platforms which promote the paid marketing strategies and enhance your business. 

Best Digital platforms for paid marketing

1. Facebook advertising-

Facebook advertising is the most widely used platform for social media advertising and considered one of the best mobile ad platforms as it promotes your venture through text, image ads, video ads, post ads, and many more ways. Due to the vast platform, it is difficult to track down the interested audience and narrow down the targeted one.

Facebook already does the job for you as it has an incredible ability to focus on the targeted group of audience and generate new leads and customers for the business. Using the lead information you can directly have the information regarding the audience and redirect it into conversions for further process.

Facebook offers a variety of ad formats for structuring your ads such as single or video image ads, carousel ads, or collection ads. Facebook has also introduced campaign budget optimization which is available for any campaign objective and multiple ads set therefore advertisers can set up one central campaign ad set and then distribute it to multiple other high-performing ad sets. 

2.  Instagram advertising as the best mobile ad platform-

Well, Instagram is mainly meant for sharing pictures and less conversation then why is it that it comes under the best mobile ad platforms? The answer to this is that after Facebook, Instagram is the only social media site with rapidly increasing popularity and craze. This platform is geared towards sharing photos and videos. Instagram is remarkably a good platform for brand promotion and increasing brand recognition.

Even your Facebook account can serve as the voice of the Instagram ad. Instagram ads are termed as the best mobile ad platform because it powers every angle of business for creating effective lead generation and sales by targeting the audience according to age, gender, language, and detailed information regarding the audience. The best way for effective paid marketing is to activate Ad campaign on both the network such as Facebook and Instagram. 

3.  Youtube advertising

Youtube is the second largest search engine after google where people spend most of the time while internet surfing. There are 2 billion users of youtube according to current dates. Out of which 50 million content creators upload their videos and short films every day for expanding their reach of audience. There are different types of ads that help in promoting brand recognition.

Firstly comes the Trueview ads which appear at the beginning of the video and these ads are skippable. After that, comes the or preroll ads which are of 15-20 seconds, and as the name shows these ads are non-skippable. And the third one is bumper ads which appear at the end of the video and they are non-skippable which lasts for 6 seconds only. Therefore youtube helps in expanding the digital reach and find your desired and targeted audience.

Marketers have the capabilities to target an audience according to the topic, category, keywords, and placement targeting. Also, marketers can select youtube pages according to their convenience to run their youtube ads. 

4.  LinkedIn advertising-

LinkedIn is a social platform where there is a network of a large audience of professionals and people in the business. Marketers can run their campaigns by defining their goals clearly such as brand awareness, engagement with other audiences with brand promotions.

LinkedIn advertising offers sponsored ads, sponsored email, text ads, and dynamic ads which help in B2B marketing and are also optimized for ineffective targeting. Through LinkedIn advertising, you can directly contact the CEO of the companies. However, the cost of advertising on LinkedIn is more expensive than other social media platforms. 

5.  Twitter advertising

Twitter is another social media platform under the best mobile ad platforms, where many people such as marketers, reporters, PR teams, and individuals tweet their opinions and statements according to the current situation going on in the country. It is also used for microblogging and texting. Twitter is majorly used for spreading awareness regarding certain topics emerging in the current situation and it is used by influential people who are eager for discovering new products and brands.

Therefore, it is considered to be one of the effective social media platforms where marketers offer recruiting services, consulting services, and expand their retail services through Twitter. Marketers’ primary focus must be attracting their audience through effective marketing strategies by introducing new offers, free first-time service so that it increases their number of customers accordingly.

Providing incredible services even through online mode attracts a large number of customers towards your business. The marketers just have to focus on spreading awareness and branding their products efficiently. Twitter targets people according to the trending hashtags or words and also the people who follow the Twitter account specifically which shows your ads. 

6.  Snapchat advertising-

Sending snaps each day and maintaining streaks every day has become a trending practice among teenagers as well as adults. Snapchat is used for sharing stories that last the same as Instagram stories for one day. Snapchat can also be used as a great medium to share sponsored ads and shorts video ads for promoting products and brands by personalizing the snaps according to your desire. Although Snapchat is not for every business it can come as the best mobile ad platform for spreading the word and creating more awareness among the Millenials. 

7.  Pinterest advertising-

Pinterest is yet another great search engine platform that helps in discovering new products and ideas. With Pinterest, users search for new content and pinned it for later use so that they can visit it again for the same content. Pinterest Ads appear as promoted pins, Pinterest ads promoted video pins and promoted app installs. 

By summing up, we can conclude that finding the best mobile ad platforms, tools, and strategies are very important for promoting the brands on digital marketing platforms. Digital marketing platforms offer a great opportunity for marketers to develop their brand recognition among different brands and create an impression on the audience for better quality products. 

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