A guide on content marketing funnel and it’s 3 efficient usages

Did you know content marketing is more effective and generates more leads than traditional marketing methods? Content marketing funnel helps your business to level up by fastening the sale process through the generation of many leads. It helps in developing the right content according to the audience preference by targeting the relevant customer group.

Content marketing funnel helps the marketer to get high-quality customers who are ready for buying their products after going through initial stages of awareness, consideration, and evaluation. Marketing ensures that they are targeting each funnel with relevant and suitable content which leads to conversion in the end. For learning thoroughly about the content marketing funnel and how can we use it efficiently for the expansion of the business firstly we need to know what exactly is a content marketing funnel.

Content marketing funnel representation | A guide on content marketing funnel and it’s 3 efficient usages | getdigitaloffice.com

What is a content marketing funnel? 

Representation of a content marketing funnel | A guide on content marketing funnel and it’s 3 efficient usages | getdigitaloffice.com

A content marketing funnel is a process that helps the brand to generate leads step-by-step by finding out potential customers and guide them throughout the journey by delivering them excellent and relevant content from the first interaction till the end by converting them into paying customers. When a marketer uses a content marketing funnel, people move downwards and many will drop off in between but the potential clients will be convinced in buying who are of high-quality. At each stage, the intentions of the customer change accordingly and your every stage content will deliver different goals and results will be measured differently. 

There are four stages in the content marketing funnel which filters out the high-quality and prominent customers for your venture who will invest in your products with true intentions. 

Stages of the content marketing funnel- 

Content marketing funnel stages | A guide on content marketing funnel and it’s 3 efficient usages | getdigitaloffice.com
  1. Awareness- In the first stage of the funnel, awareness about your brand is made and customers become familiar with it. 
  1. Consideration- In the second stage, the user will consider your brand offers and also looks at different competitor offers. 
  1. Evaluation- After considering the brand, the customers evaluate the services offered by the brand with the right needs of usage. 
  1. Purchasing- The last stage is where the customer looks at the last information about the product and start making different comparisons for buying the final product. 

These four stages analyze and filter out the uninterested ones and make the right content for the right and prominent customers. The marketers target the right group for the promotion of their brands and generate useful leads. 

Types of content for every stage-

  1. Awareness– In this first stage, the marketer has to generate awareness among customers. There are many potential leads in the market but you have to find the best one among them. The top of the funnel makes people familiar with the brand and venture. There are many types of content that you can make at this stage such as blogs that provide direct information to the audience and offer content which they are searching for. Another great content type is Webinars which offers great communication and interaction with the rest of the audience who are willing to know about your business in this way they will learn about your business.
  1. Consideration– At the consideration stage, the marketers show the audience what services they are offering. You can start highlighting your products and brands to get them to choose your brand above other brands. Show them how your brand and business stand out differently from others. The type of content which marketers can create at this stage is case studies, how-to articles are an excellent way to position your business and show them practices and guidelines for your product.
  1. Conversions– In this stage, you will be giving your last efforts and content for making your audience lured towards your brand and business. By pulling the trigger and converting the action to choose your business. The type of content which can be delivered is the testimonials and reviews for showing real-life experience so that customers will trust the brand and it will increase their brand loyalty. 

After knowing the type of content which should be delivered to the audience at a different stage will enhance the business efficiently and start developing brand value and market recognition among different ventures. Now let us have a look at the ways of using the content marketing funnel efficiently. 

Efficient ways of using a content marketing funnel

Target audience| A guide on content marketing funnel and it’s 3 efficient usages | getdigitaloffice.com
Dart on Target and People

1. Thinking about the audience and making content according to them-

The audience is a vital component in the content marketing funnel and if you want to move them forward towards the end of the funnel then you have to create content according to the audience. Firstly, select the type of content which interests them the most. If you want engagement with your audience you have to make your content appealing and relevant.

Before creating content according to the audience at each stage, the marketers need to find out what their audience wants, what type of content will make their life easier, what problems they are facing in their life, and what type of content is lacking in their lifestyle. Publishing how-to guides, landing pages, infographics, and short caches for driving traffic into your website in this way, will increase the reach and visiting insights of the website. 

2. Research popular content and create blogs, articles with different creativity-

Research and development | A guide on content marketing funnel and it’s 3 efficient usages | getdigitaloffice.com

Researching relevant keywords and creating blogs differently from the other content available in the market. It’s important to know what type of content is already out there so that there will be no repetition of the content and it also lowers the interest of the audience towards repeated content. Mentioning product reviews, case studies, and different comparisons from others will influence the audience more and enable them to look for this type of content more. 

3. Make your content interactive and reach out to the customer for purchases-

Interactive content | A guide on content marketing funnel and it’s 3 efficient usages | getdigitaloffice.com

Make your content interactive and efficient so that your audience gets lured towards your website without any delay. Interactive content includes slideshows, customer reviews, and polls. It helps them in understanding the content well and builds brand recognition. In this way, this will give a memorable experience to the customer, and whenever a customer seeks the same product they will remember your company. 

Also, doing email marketing for reaching more and more customers will increase your sales by generating more leads. 

In conclusion, the content marketing funnel is an integral part of the marketing strategy. When marketers learn to use content marketing funnel efficiently they can expand their business by conversion of customers. For more such tips and tricks related to your marketing strategy visit our website http://getdigitaloffice.com/

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