best marketing blogs 2021

Best Marketing Blogs To Follow In 2021

Do you know what students of Marketing read in their first class? “Marketing is a science as well as an art.” I admit that there is a deeper implication to this but let me tell you the crust. Marketing is a combination of systematic processes, which makes it science as well as imaginative and creative thinking which makes it art ...
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how to become expert in your niche

How To Become Expert In Your Niche

Why is more important than How… Meaning why you want to become an expert is more important than how to become an expert in whatever niche you are in. You want to become an expert because you want more money? Or you want to become expert because you really care about your customers? Whatever the case be, if people perceive ...
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Make money with blog

How To Make Money With Your Blog

Before I go on talking about anything... I want you to see this... Blog Growth Over Time So, before I tell you Blogging is easy or hard, let me make one thing very clear, blogging does not mean you can get thousands of visitors to your website overnight. Years of hard work and learning will bring visitors on your blog, ...
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what is sales funnel

Sales Funnel-Introduction

This article, yes this article right here will answer 1 basic question which can change the graph of your business. And when I say change, I mean it in positive sense. Waiting for the question? Here we go… Does your coaching business need a Sales Funnel? Long answer short: Yes But that doesn’t work. Right! So here is the long ...
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components of digital marketing

Components of Digital Marketing

There are two types of people, or two types of business I would say: One who absolutely love digital marketing.Other who doesn’t know the real meaning and the power of digital marketing. Yes, there is no business I have met who knows what digital marketing is and still hates it. If you are of type 2 or someone who has ...
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importance of digital marketing

Importance Of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the new buzz word. But the truth is all brands no matter big or small are investing in marketing their products online. Everyone wants to grab a piece of the pie, while they can. There was a study done and I will let the result speak for themselves. The digital ad spend will rise year by year ...
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best digital agency in delhi

Are We The Best Digital Agency In Delhi?

“Hi, I am Omi. We are Get Digital Office and we are the Best Digital agency in Delhi. We provide you a number of digital services and can change the online presence of your brand and help bring in more and more customers for you.” Did you believe what I just said? No one would...Because every agency out there says ...
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Importance of micro-niche in a business?

How To Find Micro-Niche What do you mean by a niche? How exactly the concept of a niche further breaks down into micro-niches? What if you ask, do micro niches actually exist, or they are mere theories, not being relevant in the market world? No sooner does the topic of niches arrive than these questions start flooding your mind. As ...
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How do you create a great value proposition?

- Using, 6 different examples to understand it better. Have you ever visited a huge festival fair? If yes, you may have noticed several counters and stalls, standing in straight-up lines all over the place. There is always a person, stationed at the door of most of the stalls, hired only to gather crowds around. He repeats the same sentences, ...
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7 easy steps to get your business running in the digital world.

7 Steps To Succeed A Coaching Business In The Digital World Have you ever thought, why do the people in the first place come to a coach, seeking his or her opinion? No matter what field of expertise the coach belongs to, the clients will always be in search of a definite amount of clarity. Or, wanting a better perspective ...
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