Digital Marketing Coaching Amazing Growth In India 2020

How is digital marketing coaching going to become a major success in India?

The lockdown has taken over the world, making the fast pace of life trip down and come to a breezing halt. These days, people are shut inside their houses and are looking for various options to use the ample amount of time available to them.

They may be staying put at home, but still have access to every single update, arriving from any corner of the world. The news always reaches them crisp and quick. Be it the release of some movie on Netflix, or the funny videos trending on social media.

Enjoying social media use | Digital Marketing Coaching Amazing Growth In India 2020 |

In the digital world, they are on a comfortable stroll; one second playing an action-packed game and skip straight to the other, watching their favorite series on a different platform.

Many are trying to work on the constructive utility of time.

One is giving his or her career a thorough thought. They need a career consultant. Some may be planning to renew their finances in their particular set of businesses but are in a dire situation, only waiting for a piece of professional advice.

That is where finance coaches find their way into the picture. Now, there could be a section of people, who were always occupied with work. They never got the time to pay attention to their lifestyle or health.

Given the free time the lockdown is gifting them, they would want to enroll in some rigorous online courses or health programs, just to renovate their old, improper means of leading life. A large chunk of youth, in quest of efficient teaching, maybe hunting across the different websites.

Academic coaches would be a boon for them. There can be some left out, feeling the blues of the lockdown. Motivational speakers could soothe their anxiety and bring them peace.

A little advice is the need of the hour. What people truly wish for is some effective guidance. Coaching will make the deal for all out there and yes, one important thing. We need to digitalize the process of coaching through digital marketing coaching. It has to be brought to the virtual space, whereon, people spend most of their time, the easy access to the internet is the reason.

Coming to India, what is in store for digital marketing coaching?

Statistical Domains

Number Of Users In Millions

Number of internet users564.5 (Estimated to become 666.4 in 2023)
Number of active mobile internet users448.2
Number of active social network usersNumber of active social network
Number of Facebook users346.2
Indian social network penetration27%
The number of internet users has seen an overwhelming surge in the last five years. It is estimated to bloom further and uphold progress in the field of digital marketing coaching and digital marketing too!!
Also Read: Marketing Strategies- 6 Awesome Tips For Creating An Irresistible Offer? There are several factors, which have led to the rapid explosion of internet users in India. Firstly, a large section of the total internet usage is conducted through the medium of mobile phones. Since 2010, the increased availability of smartphones has created a fertile ground for digital adoption and literacy. digital india | Digital Marketing Coaching Amazing Growth In India 2020 |

Secondly, the Indian government has pushed massive developments in its telecommunications sector; the Digital India campaign in 2015, being the most prominent example.

Thirdly, Reliance Jio, a telecom giant, entering the Indian market in September 2016, made groundbreaking changes in the digital map of India. It promised its customers cheap 4G, high-speed data plans.

No geographical barriers

Everyone wants to put a shop on the internet since the huge crowds are surfing the different channels and websites. The geographical boundaries seem to disappear in the digital world.

Let us take a glance.

On a regular day in the life of Mrs. Priyanka Gupta, a participant of the health programs, recently organized by Dr. Jinendra Jain, a holistic mediator and lifestyle coach, based in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. The 6-day long health workshops took place under the supervision of GetDigitalOffice. So, how did Mrs. Priyanka deal with her daily schedules, and attended a health program simultaneously? Technology gave her the upper hand though she was residing in a completely different state, Haryana. Amidst the lockdown, she could easily attend the classes via webinars and learn about the different health practices. Had a tech glitch tried to stop her, we stepped in the very moment for her rescue, providing her with the high-quality recordings of the online sessions and methodically structured notes. We even maintained an everyday survey, wherein, she had to fill her health parameters. This way she was able to keep a regular check on her blood pressure and sugar levels. We made sure that all of her queries were resolved. She even received a humble reminder every morning from our end, which signaled her to revise the notes of the earlier session and prepare for the fresh webinar. GetDigitalOffice has assisted the health coach, Dr. Jain, to take his profession of imparting health education and mending disrupted lifestyles, to the next level.

Coaches of different kinds can pursue their professions online. through digital marketing coaching

Digital marketing will open endless paths for you, to sell your products and services by implementing digital marketing coaching

1) Career Counselor

If you are an expert in counseling and dedicate yourself to sort one’s career, a digital platform is the only upgrade you need to evolve more in the process of helping your clients. Hundreds of professional opportunities emerging in a line can cause one to be stuck at a point. However, with a solvable analysis of the diverse career options, you can potentially get the person back onto the shore of relief. Making the right choice for a career path, career change, or specific developments in an existing career, you can play an immense role in sorting the dilemma out. That is when you can put digital marketing coaching to good use.

2) Financial Consultant

Becoming a financial consultant through digital marketing coaching and offering personalized advice, and fully planned schemes to make the investments a huge success; you can definitely reach out to your clients and assist them in financial endeavors.

3) Health Coach

If you are a supportive mentor and help your clients to achieve their unique needs and health goals, there are many in the digital space, hankering websites one after the other in search of credible guides. health coaching | Digital Marketing Coaching Amazing Growth In India 2020 | You can offer them food and lifestyle changes, and bring essential growth in their health and immunity.

4) Life coach

A life coach bears the utmost significance in an individual’s life. You could be responsible for counseling and encouraging your clients on a range of professional and personal issues.

5) Beauty and fashion coaches

You can be a personal stylist or an image consultant, nurturing a sense of fashion in your clients. Some may require enhancements in their personal images, or others may wish to reconstruct their professional presence.

6) Motivational speakers

You can use the skillful articulation of your words, to change the mindset of tons out there. All than to digital marketing and digital marketing coaching that this is possible now virtually also. motivational speaker in digital marketing coaching | Digital Marketing Coaching Amazing Growth In India 2020 | Putting forth positive pressure from your end builds confidence in your clients, and this may help them to fight severe mental illnesses.

The future of digital marketing is heading towards $1 trillion online opportunities.

Businesses are always on the lookout, to familiarize themselves with the latest digital marketing trends. This aids them to optimize their presence on the search engines, increase the site visits and, altogether lift the sales and conversions. For those who are interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing, or the ones having an intention to publicize their products and services through this medium; being aware of the trends is extremely important. Based on trends, we at GetDigitalOffice formulate new schemes and accordingly incorporate them into our strategies. Thereby, if applicable, we implement the tested ideas right away. Online marketing tools can help and make the journey comfortable for you. (Get into our previous blog and read the various online marketing tools available. Also, why is it necessary for a coach to build a digital presence?) importanc eof digital marketing | Digital Marketing Coaching Amazing Growth In India 2020 | The world of digital marketing has been the fastest growing in India. Introduced to our tropical realm only a few years ago, it has established an undisputed position for itself. The visibility of brands on the endless social media channels and other platforms is the first flight of stairs, one climbs in the huge domain of digital marketing, to get a step closer to their ultimate destination, the clients. Getdigitaloffice is a one-stop solution for all the coaches who want to take a step into digital marketing coaching, aspiring to expand the horizon of their careers and reach their many customers through the medium of digital platforms and excel in this field through digital marketing coaching. For more details, Drop a mail at –


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