Earn By Blogging-Top 6 Proven Tips For Earning

Before telling you guys about how to earn by blogging…

I want you to see this…

Blog growth chart | Earn By Blogging-Top 6 Proven Tips for earning | getdigitaloffice.com
Blog Growth Over Time

So, before I tell you Blogging is easy or hard, let me make one thing very clear, blogging does not mean you can get thousands of visitors to your website overnight.

Years of hard work and learning will bring visitors on your blog, who will ultimately become your users.

According, to Internet Live Status, there is more than 1 billion blogs, at the time this article is written.

For a world population of 7 billion, this means that there is 1 person with a blog in every 7 people.

Competition is very high to make a successful blog, but if you follow right strategies for your website… you can have a successful blogging in a year time.

What Is The Purpose Of A Blog

If we go with the majority…

The reason of building a blog is to become earn money out of it.

You might think – “Can there be any other reason?”

Take a look at this…

Reasons for starting a blog | Earn By Blogging-Top 6 Proven Tips for earning | getdigitaloffice.com
Audience Poll by UBERSUGGEST

Where the majority of people made a blog solely for the purpose of earning, people are not far behind, who created a website to give a “creative outlet to their talent.

As we can see in the Top 5 reasons to create a blog, 2 reasons involve making money out of the website.

Most of the Online Gurus, when talk about creating a passive income or 2nd source of income, they consider blogging as their most prominent candidate.

But making money with a blog, if I have to say the truth, is not easy.

Just a few days back, I was doing site audit for my one of my client…

They had a 3 year old website with 330 articles and Domain Authority of 1.

What I found during the audit, is the reason why I say blogging is not for everyone. And this is not something, you want to pursue if you want immediate lead generation and immediate traffic on your blog.

Making money out of a blog is a process.

But if you keep learning throughout the process, chances are high that you will succeed in with your blog.

Also there is much more to a blog than bringing qualified traffic on your website.

A well written blog can also help you make a side income. A decent side income.

The positive side of making money with your blog is that apart from the money you will also be building a personal brand for yourself and your company.

6 Ways To Make Money With A Website

We have come to the point where we will be discussing about the ways in which you can make money with your blog.

1-Ad sense



4-Sponsored post


6-Accept Donations

Google Adsense

Google ad sense is the most popular form of revenue for your blogs.

The concept behind Google’s Ad sense is that if you get certain number, usually 1000 monthly unique visitors, then you can apply for google Ad sense on your blog.

After that when someone visiting your website, clicks on the ad shown on your website, you get income from Google.

This is the most popular revenue as well as most overrated system of how you can monetize your blog and earn by blogging.

Google Adsense steps | Earn By Blogging-Top 6 Proven Tips for earning | getdigitaloffice.com
How Adsense Works

With time, as blogging has evolved, so has the means to make money out of the blog.

Let us see some more ways of how to monetize blog…

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a method with which you can earn by blogging.


You choose a niche

-Give your views on products of that niche

-Establish yourself as an expert

-Generate an affiliate link

-When people buy from you, using that link, you get a commission on the sales made.

Affiliate marketing is how to earn by blogging | Earn By Blogging-Top 6 Proven Tips for earning | getdigitaloffice.com
Process Of Affiliate Marketing

This is the whole, What Who Why, of Affiliate marketing.


What I mean by product is that you can create and sell your own course and or you can create your E-book for whatever niche you are blogging in

Let us take an example

You are working in Life Coaching niche

You can create a course or E-book on your blog on anything that comes under you topic. You can create E-book around type of motivation, or you can teach you audience about how to overcome difficult phase of life in your course.

If you love your niche, there are 100s of courses or products that you can generate around it and sell on your website than will help you to earn by blogging.

However, if you become a salesman for your product, chances are you will lose your existing audience as well

The market is full of Fake Gurus who are trying to sell a product that says “They are offering 10000rs product for 99rs.”

Any sale made from your website will be done because people see you as an expert on the topic that you write.

So, your focus should be on improving your knowledge of your niche and getting better at communicating with your audience.

Sponsored Posts

When you have established yourself as an expert in your field, you can open this opportunity of monetization for your blog.

Now, what do I mean when I say, establishing yourself as an Expert.

Do you need a certificate for what you do?


What I mean by expert is that you should have value giving content on your website. Your website should solve a problem, which people are searching solution for, online.

Suppose, you start getting, 10000 visitors/month on your website, you can approach companies in your niche to write a post sponsoring their product.

Seeing the visitors on your website, company will give you sponsorship fees, even if your post does not make a sale for the company.

Accept Donations

If you write on a rare niche, where not much people are writing about and there are not much affiliate opportunities available in the market, or if you have a very loyal audience base then you can consider going for this option.

You can put your point, in front of your audience that you need donations to sustain the site, and thus monetize your blog using this method.


Coming to the end of this article, I want you to take a look at this data by Hubspot…

Hubspot data chart | Earn By Blogging-Top 6 Proven Tips for earning | getdigitaloffice.com

You should not and can not expect huge traffic on your website, within the first few months of your blogging journey

Your focus should only be on creating content that gives value to the visitors of your niche And with the time you will see an increase in your traffic and eventually you you’ll start to earn by blogging.

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