Our Training Services

GetDigitalOffice is founded by Mr Omi Gupta. It provides training and coaching in different domains related to life skills, Brand Building, Brand management and digital marketing. Along with that, This Company helps entrepreneurs and Startups in Complete digital branding, Marketing and sales solutions.

We provide trainings for corporate communication and various
technical training such HR trainings, IT trainings, Operation
management, Block chain management.

core areas of trainings are :

  • Life skills training

  • Soft skills training

  • Wellness training

  • Corporate communication

  • Digital Marketing

  • Brand Management

  • Operation Management

  • Blockchain Management

  • Emotional Management

  • Various trainings on health and diet

  • Finance Management

We have more than 20 Industry Experts from different domains to cover all major core areas of trainings.

Below are our main 5 trainers highly recognised trainers :


Omi Gupta is a Certified Life Coach, Life Skills Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Digital Branding and Marketing Consultant and Niche Clarity Specialist. He has helped more than 3000 people though various online and office platform by giving Keynote, training session, coaching session and speaking engagements.

His main Areas of Expertise are :
1. Goal Setting
2. Decision Making
3. Finding Inner core values
4. Overcoming limiting beliefs
5. Developing clarity and purpose in life
6. Increasing your competency
7. Leadership skills

8. Overcoming procrastination
9. Time And Stress management
10.Work life balance issues
11.How to find your USP
12.Digital Branding and Marketing
13.Social media Branding and Marketing

He has given sessions and trainings to various companies and colleges. Below are the few of his past and existing training and coaching clients :

1. NIT Arunachal Pradesh
2. Qualicentric LLP
3. EGC Home solutions
4. Vishwas foundation
5. MIDigiWorld

Contact Information : 8510001891
Email Id : contact@omigupta.com, omi@getdigitaloffice.com
Website link : www.omigupta.com


Sargun Bedi is a professional counselling psychologist with 8+ years of experience as an author, transformational coach, behavioural trainer, speaker and creative writer. She has earned her M.Sc. from University, England and a PGdip in counselling psychology from Amity University whilst developing a strong hold on therapy models such as CBT, REBT, ACT and psychometric testing. Besides this, she has authored a book named ‘Life- a mixed state’ which portrays various life domains through poetry. She has been awarded for being a ‘SMART Psychologist 2019’ by Magicka, a woman entrepreneurial platform.

She has worked with labels like Amity University Max Hospital, Metro Hospitaland IPSSR. She has appeared as a panellist and keynote speaker on various occasions and has also conducted extensive workshops in PSU’s like Indian Oil as well as at University & school level on counselling processes, mentoring, wonder woman syndrome, life management, resilience, suicide prevention, stress management, anxiety, SDPs, FDPs etc as a behavioural & corporate trainer.


Dr. Jinendra Jain is a doctor of pure nature cure, expert of self-healing, holistic healer, and happiness coach on health, wealth, relationships, and humanity’s happiness since last 40 years in various healing systems, therapies, and practices, applying scientific research and feedback while dealing with his own genetic and chronic ailments. He has trained under world-renowned Gurus, coaches, and trainers (Indian/international) in natural healing subjects, meditations (Vipassana/ Dynamic/ Transcendent), cooking, organic farming, organic living, knowing your potential, self-actualization, etc.

He has successfully conducted more than 60 workshops as retreats in India and transformed hundreds of his students’ lives. Some of them are now being groomed to be trainers with an object of disease and medicine-free India. The courses are currently being conducted to boost people’s immunity levels to face the COVID-19 pandemic.

He has given trainings in below reputed organisations as well :
1. Siddhayatan
2.IMT University, Meerut
3. Vidhya Bharti
4. Osho
5. Vipaasana


Tanuj Keswani helps SME’s and Startups solve the biggest financial problem, negative CASHFLOWS!
He is a Chartered Accountant by profession and have experience of over 10 years working with 100’s of businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to SME’s to
He has his specialisation in all type of finance and cashflow trainings.


Vikas Singh is a first generation entrepreneur who began his career as a software developer in a telecom domain company. Having worked for 4.5yrs in this domain, he fortuitously got a chance to explore the technology of Blockchain and was impressed by the spectrum of its applicability and future. He has delivered Tedx talk in DITE chapter in Delhi, won an International Hackathon in Atlanta, USA. Became first trainer on Edureka for Blockchain and trained more than 100 folks with more than 94% satisfaction rate.

He has trained corporate & govt house e.g. CDot etc. He has provided consultation to different state govt on different topics e.g. how can we filter claims coming under Ayushman Bharat scheme in more diligent way for center in NHA or how
can we put land records on blockchain in Revenue dept of MP etc. He has been thoroughly involved in the designing, architecting and developing more than 10 Blockchain projects so far and is quite adept in the game.

Company Details :

Email ID : contact@getdigitaloffice.com
Contact No : Omi Gupta : Founder & CEO : 8510001891
Website : www.getdigitaloffice.com