Paid Advertising-Top 5 Best Strategies

Paid advertising or brand recognition is very important for growing any business, marking the presence of your brand in the market will help your business to flourish in a better way. These days you don’t have to give thousands of dollars to spread the word about your business. Even with a low budget, many new businesses can build their recognition. For making your brand value you need to get noticed. Paid marketing or Paid advertising does the job for you.

A paid advertising or marketing strategy will help you grow your brand as well as develop professional relations with your customers. Thus, helping the business owner in the expansion of their venture with a small cost in a short span of time. First of all, you need to know what exactly is paid marketing and how it will help you? 

What is paid marketing or paid advertising? 

Paid advertising refers to a strategy in which a customer’s interaction is done by targeting a group of similar and potential customers based on their interests, niche, and previous interaction with brands. A paid campaign or paid advertising can be done through various social media platforms, social media channels, and search engine results page (SERP).

Getting featured in SERP really helps the brand to grow as it increases the traffic on the website of the brand page due to the number of people visiting it numerous times. Research says that for growing your business, a business person must connect their business online for increasing its global reach. Social media is a very wide platform that provides recognition to various brands, businesses, and people.

In this way, it helps in the expansion of business increasing the credibility and sales of the business. With a digital presence, your customers will be able to find your brand even faster than offline campaigning tricks.

There are basically four types of paid marketing-

  1. Paid search marketing- serves texts and image ads to users searching on social media platforms such as Google, Bing, Mozilla Firefox, or opera. Also known as search engine marketing.
  2. Paid social media marketing- targets the audience on social media based on their interests and niche. 
  3. Display marketing- serves display image ads to the site visitors.
  4. Influencer marketing- people with many social media followers promote a particular brand or collaborates with it to influence their followers by sharing their personal experiences. 

Each type of paid marketing serves customers with different purposes. It also helps in increasing the reach of B2B or B2C marketers over networking sites. It only takes a few seconds to set up a paid campaign over online networking sites and then your brand will be ready to reach thousands of people online. There numerous social media strategies for paid marketing. Let us have a quick look at some top paid marketing strategies. 

Top 5 paid advertising or marketing strategies-

1. Working on social media ads-

Paid advertising through social media ads | Paid Advertising Top 5 Best Strategies |

Social media ads are one of the best strategies for paid marketing to advertise your brand. Social media ads directly target the interested customer’s group and increase the reach of the brand. For example, Facebook is developing many new features for increasing their audience insights which directly lead to targeting specific customers, getting to know about the user’s preference, interests hence marketers can create incredible ad content for their audience.In this strategy, you can display ads on various Google display networks such as Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and Google partners.

Also, video marketing can be used for reaching the targeted audience, for example, showing an Ad between the Youtube video between small breaks. This cost will be involved per click or view. In this way, the business owner can generate new leads from different platforms which leads to the growth of their business. 

2. Ad retargeting-

This new ad retargeting strategy is creating a lot of steam in the market for paid advertising. The strategy utilizes cookies anonymously used by the user while surfing their web. In this way, frequent advertisements are shown on their phone or pc during their web accessing time. Ads relevant to the search of the customer are shown to them accordingly.  

3. Influencer marketing-

Working with a social media influencer will really help you reach great heights of audience insights as they have numerous social media followers who look out for them and eventually try to adopt a similar lifestyle like their favorite influencers. Collaborating with social media influencers will complete your motive of reaching the targeted audience as well. According to the current scenario, influencer marketing has become extremely effective for developing a strategy for paid marketing. 

4. Pay per click marketing-

Pay per click marketing is one of the most effective paid advertising strategies for driving attention to your website or online venture which increases website traffic on your business page which leads to the expansion of the brand.

It is the best strategy to convert targeted users into new leads with just a click. A business owner can create google ads for the users who are towards e searching for a specific topic relevant to their venture and then their search result will show your venture as an ad to them. PPC can be really expensive so the new business with a low budget can start to display ads on the Google display network and then work for more other sites.

5. Messenger marketing-

We all are fond of using Facebook messenger on a daily basis. But do we know that we as a seller or business owner can expand our venture through Facebook marketing tactics? There are many tips and tricks related to messenger marketing which not only increases the reach of the brand but also helps them to present their business on different platforms connected to the messenger. This messenger marketing strategy is based on 4 tactics-

  1. Comment guard– When anyone comments on the promotional post of the brand, a message is directly sent in the commenter’s chatbox for signing up for more updates and posts relevant to it. The opening rate of Facebook is relatively more than email buster. It is up to 70-80% that a person would open the message whereas there are only 10% chances in an email. 
  1. Chat widget– It is likely to be used as a customer service chat box with the visitors. If the visitor on the page continues for the service a separate chat box will be opened and the person handling the page will connect with the customer and assist them for the further process.
  2. Chatbot buster– Just like email buster, a Facebook chatbot is used in this strategy. The promotional message is sent to every person connected with the page and their mutuals for increasing the reach. Before sending a blast the seller must ensure to subscribe to messaging by coming in the good graces of Facebook and following the adhered rules and guidelines. Using the chatbot blast also helps in automating the drip sequence for better and efficient management. It helps in high-level engagement with the followers as well as other audiences. 
  3. Messenger ads– Messenger ads are one of the most effective and potential tools for messenger marketing. It works by clicking on a Facebook ad which directly sends the user to the Facebook messenger chatbox. Therefore, it is more compelling and relatively cheaper than the original Facebook ads. The interaction can be converted into a chatbot which further sets the user to talk with a real person at any time if a contingency arises. 


The advertiser must choose a strategy according to the business scale and their business goals. Using alternatives for many strategies will help the advertisers to save costs and efficiently increase their business. Paid advertising not only helps the business owner but also makes them learn and explore new things related to the online world which is useful to them in every step of the journey ahead. 

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