Virtual Office High Ticket Model

Niche Clarity

We will be first understanding all the innate aspects of your niche. Proper templates will be provided to you, and according to the one you choose, we shall be proceeding with the market research and development theories

Product Creation

We will guide you all along, starting from how you can create and design your products and what all bonuses we would offer you with the deal.

Following things, which are of paramount importance, will be discussed :

The kind of website you want, as it would directly reflect the coaching endeavor.

  • A photoshoot based on your coaching niche.
  • The name of all the programs and bonuses about our deal.
  • No of Sessions in the complete model
  • PDFs, required for the content programs.
  • The price of the programs, and bonuses from our end.
  • Formulate the social media strategies for the next month.

Landing Page

Creating an effective landing page involves more than simply coming up with a web page that looks fit, and putting loads of research into what the customers actually want.

The “lead capture page” or “the destination page”, whatever you call it; given if we furnish a standard one, would positively increase the conversion rates and help you attain your marketing growth goals.

Email Marketing

Our email marketing services will boost up your sales cycle, with its prime motive being to generate more leads.

We will create Nurturing emails to them so that those people who are not ready right now, become ready after sometime

Google Sheet Automation

Every lead coming from the landing page will be automatically added to a Google Sheet, and if you wish you can also be notified every single time, a new visitor registers for your programs. How would this be possible?

A little quirk in your mind. Well, we are right here and will be settling all your doubts. What we are going to do is, create an easy-to-access database, which will give you the ability to have crucial insights into our process, by checking upon the data regularly.

Messenger marketing

Messenger Marketing is an incredibly powerful new channel, which can be used during the campaigns, for sales development and pushing forth the marketing efforts.

It is a conversational tool, which facilitates the use of chatbots based on AI automation, and sometimes manual replies as well, leveraging the various mobile messaging platforms to propel the engagements.

Not only can we manage customer inquiries, but we will use the messenger as a key tool to generate sales and effectively promote new webinars through personalized messaging.

Integration of all the received data:

We will Integrate email marketing, Facebook messenger marketing, and Google sheets together so that a complete automation system is created. Once the individual registers himself or herself from the landing page for the Consultation, he/she will get the confirmation mail as well as a message in the Facebook chatbox at the same time.

Copywriting ​

We will write the complete copy of the Ads and Landing page where each work will be precisely used so that it directs hits the brain waves of our target audience and they end up signing up for the consultation call.

Payment Gateway

We will help you set up the payment gateway so that your all transactions are safe and secure.

We provide you all the knowledge about the payment gateway and maintain a decent level of transparency in our services. Al l the strategies are planned efficiently.

Paid Ads Marketing

All types of Ads whether it boosts ad, lead ad, retargeting ad will be run on Facebook, Instagram, and You Tube wherever required. A paid advertising or marketing strategy will help you grow your brand as well as develop professional relations with your customers. Thus, helping the business owner in the expansion of their venture with a small cost in a short span of time.

Call Support

We have a qualified customer support team who will be making qualification calls to filter out the right people and scheduled zoom discovery sessions with you.

We send them personal WhatsApp as well so that nurture them and remind them of the discovery so that they don’t miss it.

After the consultation calls, if the follow-up needs to be done. We will do that as well with the potential clients.


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You will get the complete online course on high ticket sales closing from our founder Omi Gupta.

Once you go through the course, you will have 1 to 1 call Omi Gupta and you have to do the demo session with him and close him in the session for a high ticket. If you are able to close him then you are good to go in the market and do discovery sessions

You will be trained properly beforehand so that you can close more and more people for high ticket and transform many lives.


We deliver some additional services as well, and you can avail them at charges excluded from the main program.

Website Designing

We provide creative website design. We will create your website in such a way that it reflects your idea.

Social Media

Managing your business's social media presence can be extremely time-consuming.


Photography is another important tool, which we can use to connect to a larger audience. We employ two specific